Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Creepy Candy Box Book

1. This is a pretty simple tutorial with no EXACT way to do it. In fact you should adapt it to the box you use. Besides the box you will also need a hole punch, scissors, paper, and ribbon or some other fiber to bind the book.

2. Break the box down so that it lies flat. For my box I only had to open up the bottom.

3. Figure out how you want your book to open. You can use an existing fold for the spine or cut two identical pieces for the book cover and back. Trim away any excess pieces. On the front cover about inch from the spine, make a fold that opens towards you. Punch holes to thread your ribbon through later. They should be between the fold and the spine perhaps even on the fold.

4. Trace the shape of your book onto paper. I used 3 pieces and traced it twice. Be sure to mark guides for the holes. Cut about an eighth of an inch inside the line. Punch the holes in the paper, put pages into the cover and thread ribbon through holes. I used the blanket stitch to bind mine. I'm sure you can do something soooo much cuter with a lot of fibers and beads. I wasn't being very particular.

C-bug's new Halloween sticker book Go look at this Foam Pumpkin TV set tutorial from the Crafty Chica. I might(?) make one or do something similar to make a halloween nightlight.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Spooky Bib

1. T-man picked out this hand towel from Target. Two towels come in a pack.

2. Cut the towel in half horizontally. Save the other half for another bib, kid sized dish towel, or whatever. On the raw edge, in the center, cut a semi-circle that is about 4 inches in diameter.

3. Cut a piece of extra wide double folded bias tape as long as one shoulder + 1/2 inch. Fold under one end and pin to the outside edge of the towel. Sew and repeat for other side.

4. Cut a piece of bias tape about one yard long. Center the bias tape at the neck center, pin in place and sew.


Saturday, October 01, 2005


1. These are the gloves I got from Target. They have glow in the dark pads on the finger tips. They also had some with green dots.

2. Cut the thumb and wrist band off.

3. On the side with the pads, cut half way down each side of the palm. Then cut straight across, removing a (sort of) rectangular piece.

4. Applique and/or embroider a face to one of the glove pieces on the side that does NOT have the pads.

5. With the outsides of both glove pieces together sew in an arch along the raw edges as shown with the orange line the picture.

6. Turn right side out and stuff with fiber fil, beginning with fingers and then the body. Turn raw edges in and stitch opening closed.

My baby loves it!